Car Transporter


Wide enough for most light commercials and narrow enough for the smaller car.

Wide enough for most dual tyred vans and narrow enough for the smallest cars, the CT177 is the ideal solution to all your vehicle transporting needs.

The car trailer features a tail that avoids the need for ramps when loading most vehicles, and a pair of retained mini-skids that pull out when increased spoiler clearance is required.

The rear lights hinge out for maximum loading clearance by virtue of a very simple system which operates without tools in seconds and absorbs vibration.

The car transporter features a two stage hydraulic ram will allow heavy vehicles to be loaded with the drawbar on the ground. This is called safe loading mode and it avoids the high transient towbar loads that occur just before the back axle of a heavy load mounts the car trailer. A heavy duty rest fitted underneath the tow hitch reduces the ground pressure loading.

Lockable coupling head

The lockable low-profile coupling head ensures optimum clearance of 4x4 rear doors.

Fitted spare wheel & lockable toolbox

Concealed neatly below the deck level, both are included as standard.

Mini skids

Retained mini-skids for additional ground clearance, ideal for low clearance vehicles. Skids are kept in place by a steel peg located underneath the rear light clusters.

Security marking registration with TER

Each trailer is fitted with an ID plate which has a unique serial number etched on it. Additionally, the drawbar has a different unique number cut through it, which is virtually impossible to alter without noticeably affecting the appearance of the numbers and galvanized finish.

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