A stunning horsebox which delivers the highest levels of comfort and safety for your horse.

Introducing the beautifully engineered Ifor Williams HBX range. A stunning horse trailer which delivers the highest levels of comfort and safety for your horse.

Available in the familiar 403, 506 and 511 size format the design comes with a streamlined aluminium body and a host of intelligent new features. These include the ability to open the rear of the horsebox as both a ramp and a side-hinged door, and the option to open the front windows fully, or just a little.

The sides, floor and ramps of the HBX range are manufactured entirely from aluminium planking. This lightweight structure provides clean modern lines, making the horsebox easy to tow without compromising on strength. The sides and ramps are all anodised to give a smooth and sophisticated finish which is easy to maintain.

The Ifor Williams HBX range features three models - one suitable for single horse transport and two different sized double horseboxes.

The HBX-403 is a single horsebox suitable for the transport of a horse of up to 16.2hh. As a single horsebox the HBX-403 offers more stall width than either of the two double horseboxes.

The HBX506/511 double horseboxes are ideal for transporting two horses up to 16.2hh/17.2hh respectively. They are available with the option of either a front ramp or a built-in tack locker.

Options include padded breast and breeching bars, side padding and the choice of fitting a side awning to your trailer via the awning rail (fitted as standard).

One piece roof

The stylish roof provides smooth aerodynamic lines, while its one-piece design provides a joint free modern alternative.

Parabolic leaf spring suspension

The Ifor Williams beam axle and parabolic leaf spring system increases stability and reliability, whilst ensuring minimum maintenance

Front top opening doors

Opening doors above both the front ramp and the grooms door provide extra ventilation when the trailer is parked.

Front panel and window

The HBX range features a front nose panel which is manufactured from aluminium to provide extra resilience. The large front window, complete with steel grill for security and safety, gives your horse a clear view of the road ahead as well as keeping the interior light and bright.

Combined ramp and door

Operating as a ramp when loading horses, the ramp can also be opened as a side opening door enabling a fork lift truck to load heavy items into the horsebox.

Internal door lock

A tough moulded door latch mechanism with a smooth finish to prevent injury to horses. Can be locked and unlocked from inside the horsebox, providing privacy for riders if used for changing at a show.

Front ramp options

You can choose either a left-hand ramp, a right-hand ramp or a built-in tack locker, the inspection door is fitted to the opposite side. A front ramp is not available if the tack locker is installed.

Aluminium floor and rubber matting

Aluminium floors fitted as standard. Floors are covered with a 12mm thick rubber matting, providing a non-slip surface and excellent vibration absorption.

Breast bar release system

Enables the release of breast bars safely from outside of the trailer. Conveniently suits the wheel brace supplied with each horsebox.

Interior LED light

Useful on dark evenings, when loading and unloading horses.

Clip-on number plate holder

Enables you to attach your number plate to the trailer without adhesive. Number plates can be changed quickly and easily when using different towing vehicles.

Side mounted spare wheel

Positioned at the side of the trailer.

Aluminium side planks

Rotating ramp catches

Combined mud guard and rear light cluster

Awning rail

Seamlessly blending into the roof section, the rail makes it possible to easily attach an IWT awning to the horsebox.

Head partition

Head partitions are easily fitted by clipping to the front panel of the horsebox and the centre partition.

Centre partition and interior kickboard

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